Is my internet spped good?

And if you could also include what it could be compared to that would be great. EX. T1, DSL and so on

I have…
Download Speed: 5645 kbps (705.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 426 kbps (53.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 68 ms
I was also testing to a serverin Dallas,TX and I live in Florida


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4 Responses to “Is my internet spped good?”

  1. craig m says:

    GOOD is a relative and subjective term. In order to compare your speed with others in the United States there are many different sites that offer speed tests and bandwidth test.

    In recent months I have turned to using Its really nice because it will give you a recommended server in which to connect to.

    Consider 700 KBS a speed that 75 percent of the US does not have access too, this is home users of course.

    Though your speed is great, it is fast enough to stream HD video on demand content if your computer is up to spec to run it. WIth your speed you should see no lag in online gaming, and should be able to download a full 700 meg .avi in about 13 minutes.

  2. JohnJ79 says:

    it’s ok. your download is way better than a T1, your upload is not as good as a T1. compared to DSL it depends on the DSL package

    T1: download 1536kbps upload 1536kbps
    DSL: download 256kbps up to 7000kbps
    DSL: upload 64kbps up to 7000kbps

  3. cismicsunibm says:

    Don’t worry it’s good enough.

  4. Mark T says:


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